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I believe you are looking at $3k to $4k in parts before labor to install. This is quite literally a computer buried in your dashboard and requires replacing the screen and several control modules. Replacing the screen is actually a good thing as the new one is bigger and higher resolution. This assumes you can find a compatible kit for our style car, or you are able to get all of the part numbers from a later model car and make them fit (probably wise to go with 2010 the first year of the new gen idrive in the X6). Then you need someone to code the whole car as the idrive it essentially the "brain." Going the later model part number route could be risky (riskier than attempting this in general). You could essentially 'brick' your car.

In idrive terminology you are looking at going from the CCC system to the CIC system.

Here is someone that did it on an E60:

and an M5:

And finally a possible place to get the system:

That is about the extent of my knowledge. Try searching this forum, xoutpost and google in general for more information.
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