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Originally Posted by bluzplayer View Post
I would never buy a Caddy. American cars are in a perpetual race to see who can make the biggest front grille and badge. Caddy does really well with that, but watch it, the GM trucks are gaining on the Caddy for 'big face' bragging rights. Seriously, I have not seen an appealing American car in decades. I'll take my 07 760Li and it's quirky personality over a car that reminds me of a rapper that still can't find a big enough necklace to wear...
You've obviously never seen or ridden in a CTS-V, then.

That being said, America has not produced a true full-size flagship sedan like your 7 series in decades. I think we're several years out from that, and it'll take years before they're on par with the Germans in that category. The new 7 series has gotten pretty horrible reviews, though, the A8 spanks it in nearly every category.

I would not compare the ATS or CTS to what rappers rap about (the Escalade). Besides, a lot of German cars (Mercedes G-Class, Mercedes SLS, Audi R8's) show up just as much in hip-hop culture as American luxury SUV's.
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