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Originally Posted by Wabbajack View Post
Nope. I am looking at my Vehicle Inquiry Report (i.e. Order) and it is laid out just like the specs on the site that I pasted above showing DHP only adds Variable Steering with M-Sport because M-Sport already has Damper and Performance Control as separate line items. The BYO is for consumers, the VIR is for the dealer and the factory. Which do you think is more likely to be accurate?
M-sport ALONE (big difference) does not add dynamic dampers. period. this point is 100% correct and cannot be disputed. this has been beaten to death on many many threads here and in the other forum. you seem to disagree with this basic point. I rather make sure others here get correct information. like I said, nothing personal.

do not take my word for it. i will shut up and eat my words if you can find either one of the following: 1) any post here or elsewhere with proof (by pic of the actual dynamic damper cylinders in the struts, etc.) of anyone that has a US car with M sport ONLY (no DHP optioned) that also has dynamic dampers installed; or 2) slightly different, anyone in the US with a car that has dynamic dampers installed WITHOUT having optioned the DHP package.

this leads to only one conclusion and bottom line: the ONLY way in the US (and apparently canada per lbjgh) to get dynamic dampers (irrespective of any other packages) is to purchase the $1,400 dynamic handling package.

re your order, had you not ordered the DHP package, your car would have come with M-sport (which included performace control switch) but without the adjustable dynamic dampers.
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