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X3 Dealership Repairs!

I have a 2004 X3 that just hit 104,000 miles! Its my baby and I love it so any and all advice you have I would love!

Yesterday when I got into my car the 4x4 light, brake light and transmissions lights were on in a bright yellow manner!

I called my mechanic and he said I would be ok to drive but to bring it in asap. So I started to drive it and from what I have learned the car was in "limp mode" so breaking and changing gears felt horrible! I was scared to death and pulled into my BMW dealership and let them take a look at it. It turns out that I need a new Crank Position Sensor for the car which I am letting the dealership replace. However, they also wanted to do the following maintenance on my car.

1. Fuel Injection Service - $249
2. Brake Fluid Service - $249
3. Wheel alignment - $250

When I called my mechanic to see if I had had these services done recently, he immediately asked if I was at the dealership and then rattled off items that I had not told him about that the dealership probably wanted to service.

My mechanic said the fuel service was not necessary because he puts additives in when I come in for service, the brake fluid was not necessary because when he changed the brakes he put in new fluid.

I am curious what your experience is with the following services and if you feel like they are necessary?
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