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Originally Posted by bxmxwx View Post
Good point on the fuel, thanks for the info. They are not insisting on it, and actually the first time mentioned that could be just a possibility, which is feasible, and replaced spark plugs, just in case, as there were carbon deposits. At this time they recognize the issue is somewhere else, so we will see. This makes me think about diesel if I end up changing the car, but that is a whole other discussion Another thing that bothers me is that the SA did say they had to open a PUMA case which usually means that some expensive and unusual repairs are involved that require BMW authorisation, yet nothing other than moving injectors around and driving the car is reported. I will talk to the SA when I bring the car in and request all the paperwork I can get on it...
The time to get the paper work is before you sign the papers to pick up the car...they will not get paid, and will not give you the car back, until you sign where it says- essentially-"The work was done to my satisfaction".

PUMA is simply when they cannot figure it out locally- it is not "expensive" or "serious", necessarily... (although it usually gets to be). Sadly, BMW (and others) are seeking to reduce repair to a software program...pull codes, look up codes, run tests the computer says you need to do for those codes...when THAT doesn't work, the flowchart says "open a puma"... (I'm generalizing of course) The good news is that over time, the BMW database 'learns' and a failure that would be a PUMA on a new model is simply part of the routine TSBs they have.

Personally I think a PUMA is good, it means serious people are working on the car. Not that local techs can be very, very good...but the PUMA guys have access to so much more info.


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