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Originally Posted by bmw325 View Post
Sounds like the 7 stages of grief bj!

Currently feel the same way..have an e92 that feels too big, hated the f30 and 1 seems to small. Want a modern e46!
Originally Posted by OBS3SSION View Post
While this could be very true, I've got an eye on the upcoming Audi A3. It will be sold in the US as a sedan, and will be sized along the lines of the original A4 or an E46. Unless BMW gets off their butts and does something with a 1 or 2 Series, Audi may get a leg up on the compact sport sedan market!

It's a bigger car, no way around it.

3 inches wider.
6 inches longer.
1/2 inch taller.

It weighs less, goes faster, gets better mileage, looks better, is chock-full of tech, and is far more comfortable to drive, so that doesn't suck.

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