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Sorry! I dropped the ball on photos. I'll take some today.

The Llumar Air 80 has been great. My only issue is that the registration and inspection sticker cutout is obvious. Though as others have said, you forget it is there after 20 minutes or so (unless you look at it of course). Just make sure they cut the cutout straight. It is straight on the GT but they have a little wave in the cutout on my truck. It bothers me but not enough to take it back in.

No issues with transparency in the daytime or night. We can see fine and and there is no noticeable wave or fuzziness that I have picked up on. Of course, the rainbow issue is there with polarized glasses but that is a trade-off we knowingly made.

Overall, the car is still hot as hell after baking the black interior in the Texas sun but it is a lot more bearable that it was. I can actually get in it to start the AC whereas before I would open a couple doors for 20 seconds first.

On a side note, does anyone else find that the AC to takes an abnormally long time to start blowing cool air? My truck is blowing cool air in about 3-4 seconds. The GT seems to take at least 10 seconds or more.
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