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Leased Loaner Has Been in a Body Shop Dealer Didn't Tell Me

Last week, I dropped something on the passenger floor and got my hand wet when I picked it up. I lifted the all-weather mat and found that my carpet was soaked.

I did some research and found that sometimes the vapor barrier in the door is not sealed properly and this allows water to drip into the car from the door, over the rocker panel and into the footwell.

I let the car dry out completely and then took it to the car wash. Sure enough, there was a wet line of carpet from the sill into the foot well and a nice little puddle there.

So, I set up an appointment at the local dealer (did not get the car from them), and dropped the car off this morning. This afternoon, I get a call from the SA, and he asks me if the car has been in a body shop. The tech noticed some tell-tale signs of body shop work when looking for the leak. He mentioned something about paint drips, etc.

The question is, do I make a stink about this? I mean, I leased the car knowing it was a loaner and would be covered under full warranty for the length of the lease. I have not intention of buying the car out at the end of the lease, and I never noticed anything other than the door panel had obviously been taken off and not put back on properly.

I feel like I should have been notified that the car had been repaired, but then I also kinda don't care because I have no intention of keeping it. Granted, had the leak repair not been covered under warranty, I would be driving to North Jersey tomorrow...
Sucked in.... leased another 328.
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