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Originally Posted by rotorheadbob View Post
6 Speed,

I'd love to hear what you like about the M3 as compared to your Z06 and what you miss or might miss about it.

Since the 60s, I've loved Corvettes and just never owned one let alone test drove one. Last year after I spent way too much money on a repair to my well loved, well cared for, but well used 99 Lexus GS 400, I test drove a Z06. I was surprised how blasť I felt about it. Quite surprised. I read some reviews and they were lukewarm about some things. and they loved other things. The seats and the steering seemed to be the biggest complaints. (Power was impressive, but the handling was not).

In March, I was looking at Corvettes again and saw an M3 and test drove it. WOW, instant love. I test drove a Corvette Grand Sport, and again wasn't that impressed. I wanted something that made me WANT to drive it all the time. The M3 did that for me.

Now that I've owned the M3 for some months, I wish the M3 were as iconic as Corvettes are, but I sure am glad I bought the M3.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments regardless is you decide to keep your Z06 or if you get the M3. I'd love to hear your likes and dislikes of the M3.

Thanks and good luck with your decision.

I can definitely share with you ; Ive had alot of diff cars : 08 infiniti g37s , 06 viper srt-10, 06 infiniti m35x, 08 infiniti m35x, 01 infiniti i30t , acura TL-s, bmw 750Li , and the z06 , and numerous streetbikes

the only 2 cars i had for longer than 6 months were the g37s (fun car +it was a lease) , and the z06. The z06 I had for 2 years and 7 months currently and the car is just amazing

The z06 has different suspension, engine etc; compared to a base or GS (just in case you guys didnt know)

as far as the handling, you gotta toss those ****ty factory EMT Runflats to begin with

with minor bolt ons I run an 11 second quarter mile , the car is subtle yet a monster when you get on it.

awesome gas mileage 23-25 MPG on the highway while having almost 500 WHP

dislikes :

literally scrape my whole front end anywhere I go including my own driveway
Keyless start sometimes forgets to recognize the key (depending on where it is positioned in the car)
car is so low its painful to get in and out of sometimes (im in my mid 20's fairly fit but have some back problems) and it is brutally low to the ground
they only make 3-4 diff brand tires for the rear (325/30/19) size

I think the real reason Im looking to get out of it and into an m3 is it is something different.

I paid 60k for this and am getting out of it at 47-50k. I am predicting it is going to hit a steep depreciation point like the c5 z06 did. And I pretty much maxed the car out , I would have to chop my interior up to install a roll cage and do internal engine mods.

I would much prefer to wait a few years and pick one up at a significant depreciation to build and race.

so far I have no dislikes of the m3. no one has them in stock and the last one i drove was a 10 DCT (hate DCT) I am ordering a 6-speed when/if I do order

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