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Originally Posted by paperplane94 View Post
That means that your TPS is not functioning properly since it is not reading your stomps.
It is also not telling the computer when the car is at idle so that is why it comes on and goes away.
Ahhh gotcha. Cool, they arent to expensive so ill switch that out and see if it fixes it. Thanks.

Originally Posted by BMWFatherFigure View Post
If this is a long term buy get the manual. The EFI settings will need checking (throttle position etc) and the air flow resistor may need cleaning, O2 sensor change and the throttle by-pass unit cleaned and checked. I would not use 'flushing agents' just service at half the standard period. An injector clean (removed in a test rig type clean) may be a good idea.
Thanks for info sir. I downloaded the bentley manual a couple days ago, and bought a haynes manual from my work as well. Ive been reading through them a little when i have the time. After i research how to do all the things you mentioned i will surely do them as well. Sounds like some sound advice.

Originally Posted by TommyD525i View Post
Just wanted to add a couple things here. Do your tune up and change ALL fluids.


I don't remember if you have a auto or manual. If its auto I wouldn't mess with it or drain anything out of it. They are notorious for failing after a fluid change! If it's manual then definitely change fluid.

DO go to
It's full of awesome info. Ask people on here when you get confused. And get yourself a E34 Bentley Repair Manual (amazon it). It E34 owner's bible.

If you want to clean everything in the inside of your engine I would suggest researching all you can do with SeaFoam. It's amazing stuff!

Also the front control arms are renoun for going bad. The car will shake terribly bad when you hit the brakes at 50-65ish mph. That's how you'll know when those are shot. In fact check all parts in the steering system.

And check shocks too. All you need to do is push down on one corner of the car at a time. It should feel very stiff and should have very little give. If you can push it down more than a fat inch or you can rock it, then you shocks are toast.
Yes its an Auto. So i shouldnt change the fluid or filter? What about adding some? Thanks for the link, it looks awesome. Yea i was recommended sea foam and was going to give that a shot so im glad im hearing more good things about the product. The control arms look good, i checked both when i had the car lifted up. Ill check on the shocks tomorrow. Thanks again for the advice should be of great help.

Thanks everyone that has contributed with sounds advice. Im really learning a good amount of am excited to keep my BMW in top shape.
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