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Wife wants a high-end blender and friends raves the $400 VitaMix blender.

I am old school and got a $25 Warning blender 15 years ago (Glass Jar!!) Best Value per consumer report (which is the bible to a tight wad like me).

I don't have a problem spending the money is the stuff is indeed the greatest thing since sliced bread. Case in point the Big Green Egg.. It is the "Bomb" and worth every $100 bills

But We have a $200 Food Processor and I have my trusty old Blender for $25 (That I used 4 times a week making drinks and fruit smoothies for the past 15 yrs).

So what's so great about this thing?? I don't need to buy a "gucci watch" for the brand. Is there no comproble products out there for cheaper and "just as good" ??

Please help me out here..

Thnx beewang

P.S. I have never bothered to stand in line at costco and watch the demo so .. no.. I dunno what's so great about it..
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