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Originally Posted by Byork7 View Post
Ahhh gotcha. Cool, they arent to expensive so ill switch that out and see if it fixes it. Thanks.

Thanks for info sir. I downloaded the bentley manual a couple days ago, and bought a haynes manual from my work as well. Ive been reading through them a little when i have the time. After i research how to do all the things you mentioned i will surely do them as well. Sounds like some sound advice.

Yes its an Auto. So i shouldnt change the fluid or filter? What about adding some? Thanks for the link, it looks awesome. Yea i was recommended sea foam and was going to give that a shot so im glad im hearing more good things about the product. The control arms look good, i checked both when i had the car lifted up. Ill check on the shocks tomorrow. Thanks again for the advice should be of great help.

Oh I just thought of a couple more weak points.
The heater core and/or the o-rings that couple it to the engine bay. The aux water pump (mounted on firewall next to brake cylinder) and/heater control valve. Also I haven't heard anybody that hasn't replaced a radiator, thermostat housing, fan clutch, and hasn't had issues with the aux fan. If the aux fan motor doesn't go bad the resistor will, or the temperature sensor for it, or the relay, etc. The whole cooling system is pretty much crap with these cars. IMO

One more thing that can suck. If the little mechanism inside the doors that control the little arm that keeps the doors open is wearing out in any way, fix it immediately! When the mechanism inside gives out it WILL put a dent from the inside out on your door and possible break the window if it's down. The driver side will wear the fasted followed by the front passenger door. Ask me how I know! >:/

Thanks everyone that has contributed with sounds advice. Im really learning a good amount of am excited to keep my BMW in top shape.
Hey you're welcome.
I would only add some if it needs it. Don't drain any out. You don't want to dislodge any gunk that could be actually beneficial. I know that sounds weird. If you know the tranny fluid was changed out regularly then there should be no problem changing fluids because there shouldn't be gunk built up.
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