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Hi Bee, I think the 3rd one I forgot the name of is the Waring, but not what you have, I'm talking about the Waring Pro blender Waring Pro is the company that does commercial equipment for restaurants, bars, etc.

(Sorry guys, but Beewang texted me like 5 minutes before he started this thread.) I was saying that the Vitamix can only be put in the same league as the Blendtec and that there is a third one that I forgot its name - that's the Waring (I think!).

OK Bee, here's the skinny:

This is the one I have: but it is just like the 5200 I think.

Vitamix is not like the regular blenders you'd find at BB&B, because it is a commercial or professional model. It is built to be a work horse and to produce results that you can sell and customers will come back to your restaurant. It lasts forever.

Here's some points:

Blade speed is 37,000 RPM. What it means is that this is not a "blender", it doesn't just blend, it ... ah, what's the word for it???

It works better than a regular blender or a juicer or a food processor because when you put fruit or vegies in it, the high speed breaks the cell walls of the fruit/vegie and it releases all the nutrients, enzymes, and fiber from it and makes it all very smooth.

Juicer = you don't get the fiber and it throws away a lot of the nutrients that are still with all whatever the juicer expels.

Food processor = you get the fiber but it doesn't really breaks and juice them so you get 'chewy juice'. Bleh.

Blender = same as the food processor, it can't juice.

What you get because of the speed is that it is very silky smooth.

Just yesterday, I put grapes, a handful of raisins, 5 cubes of ice and turned it on. In 30-40 seconds I had a smooooth juice and you couldn't feel ANY pieces of raisins. Forget about how tasty it was!

For baby's food it's the best, it makes it so smooth and creamy, the baby loves it, it has such a good "mouthfeel". AND you get so much more nutrients for the baby. Well, for you grown ups too.

Speed is variable: you can "chop" or blend, or mix, or... what's that word again.. ??? Dammit!

Soups: I make it easier for me, I cook the soup 5-10 minutes and then I cream it 30 seconds in the Vitamix. That's instead of going strait to the blender and high speed it for 5-7 minutes.

Ohhh! Ice cream!!! I buy peaches, mango, bananas, stuff like that. Cut and freeze in a zip lock. Then whenever you want, take a few pieces, throw in the container, a few ice cubes. I put 1-2 dates, or some honey or Agave syrup. High Speed 30 seconds. You have sorbet. You can even put some milk. With the ice cubes and the frozen fruit it will freeze too.

You want to mix dough or whatever, it does. It does whatever a food processor does, without spilling liquids like my Cuisinart.

Put any whole spices in it, it will make them powder.

You get the point, it does what 4-5 different machines do.

Washing it is super easy. - That's why I stopped using my juicer.

You can even mix oil and water with it. It will emulsify it.

Power: It's 2.2 hp. 7 years warranty. It will last...

Oh, parts...

IF at any time some time something goes wrong, you can buy parts for it. Knobs, buttons etc. If you mixing container goes you can buy any part of it separately. Blades, cover, insert in the cover, bottom nut, gear, etc. So if something goes bad, you don't need to pay for the whole container for example. Remember it's a commercial blender restaurants don't want to throw $500 every year or $80 for a container. They only want what is broken.

The only "con" I see here is the noise level. At full speed 37,000 RPM it makes close to what my old Eureka vacuum cleaner does. I have sensitive ears so I bought ear muffs for $30 at HomeDepot. ... It also great when some stupid car alarm goes on and on on my street, or when the lawn workers start blowing leaves across the street.

What else?
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