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Originally Posted by MatWiz View Post
You're lucky the cashier didn't know? Or did she know and gave you anyway?

... hmm... I paid less than you did... don't kill me.

Yes! That is the the thing, you get the whole package with this "expensive" machine. It is NOT expensive when you figure everything you get. 20 years service, huh! Other (consumer) brands will just tell you to go buy a new one.

When did you buy yours? It's only recently that they brought in the Vitamix CIA to BB&B. A few months maybe. No?
The cashiers don't care. If you ask them to honor a coupon, they'll do it without any issues. I've bought so much stuff there that's excluded, but they always fork over the 20%. Same goes with returns. Use your Vitamix for a few months and bring it back to BB&B... full refund.

I bought mine a few months back... maybe May or June. Already put more use to it than our prior blender saw in a year.
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