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Originally Posted by Ilovemycar View Post
I have a Vita Mix, it's great, but I don't use it enough. I guess I do smaller jobs more often, and I've a magic bullet for that.

Sorry for the hijack here, but it's kinda/sorta related, and I think I found at least a few of the resident foodies here . . . I'm looking for your recommendation on an immersion blender. I somewhat recently made some potato leek soup a couple or few times, and was thinking about how convenient it would be. I started vacillating big time between choices like the cheap Cuisinart (that some people swear by, others review it poorly for some critical part made of plastic), to the considerably more expensive Bamix, and choices in between. I vacillated so much, I just didn't get anything. I guess I don't really need one, and don't foresee using it very often, but maybe that would change once I bought one? Just go cheap and get the Cuisinart? Thanks.

Actually, now for an even better hijack, now that I'm at it. I'm also looking for mason jars with a good seal (do I want a reusable one, or not?). I don't need many, and a larger one might come in handy as well. Thanks for pointing me to good sources or deals. (Sorry OP!)
Just go cheap on the Cuisinart immersion. I bought one on ebay dirt cheap. If you like it and think you'll use it a lot then spring for the more expensive one.

I use lots of wide mouth mason jars to store most of the stuff in my pantry (cracker, nuts, cornmeal, rice, cereal, etc..). I also use them in the freezer for soups and sauces. I use both the metal canning lids and I have some one piece plastics. You should be able to find them in some grocery or hardware stores pretty cheap.
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