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Originally Posted by MatWiz View Post
Yeah, what ///Melissa said.

Melissa, is that the "wide mouth" mason that I have in the above picture??

I got my Mason jars from Amazon because I couldn't find them at any store locally. About $15-$17 for a set of 12. I use them to freeze freshly roasted coffee beans. You can see a couple in the picture I posted above. Then a couple of weeks ago I happen to find some at a family own home items stores. $0.99 - $1.30 depending on size.

Immersion blender? That's how I ended up getting my Vitamix. I wanted it for soups. Just like you I read all the bad reviews of immersion blenders falling apart and went up the price and quality range all the way to Bamix. (crazy price!). At some point I figured I had enough of mediocre mixers and blenders and bought the Vitamix instead. For soups, initially.

You already have a Vitamix. Why not give it another try? The 64oz container is HUGE and can fit a whole pot in once or twice batches. Same thing took me forever in the food processor with leakage from the top.

If I want the soup to have texture I just cream half or more of it and mix back together.
Ok you're definitely the brain I want to pick here. First of all I need to say I like my soups piping hot. And a lot of times when making food, I'm impatiently hungry. So, at first I was thinking, yeah you're right, I'll save my money, and profit from your experience. But now I have to ask: with the IB, I don't have to wait for the potatoes/water to cool down as much, from a boil, as I would when using the VM, where I then have to remove and heat it up all over again? I lose time? Washing an IM has still got to be easier than washing the VM? Tips and insight appreciated.

I think I may order some of those jars from Amazon as well, I've checked them out before, but I just wanted a thumbs up from someone, I guess.

Do you roast your own coffee? (I assume not, if in NYC?) I've played with the idea of trying some backyard DIY with a . . . popcorn machine . . . or something, I hear it gets awfully smoky.
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