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Originally Posted by Ilovemycar View Post
Ok you're definitely the brain I want to pick here. First of all I need to say I like my soups piping hot. And a lot of times when making food, I'm impatiently hungry. So, at first I was thinking, yeah you're right, I'll save my money, and profit from your experience. But now I have to ask: with the IB, I don't have to wait for the potatoes/water to cool down as much, from a boil, as I would when using the VM, where I then have to remove and heat it up all over again? I lose time? Washing an IM has still got to be easier than washing the VM? Tips and insight appreciated.

I think I may order some of those jars from Amazon as well, I've checked them out before, but I just wanted a thumbs up from someone, I guess.

Do you roast your own coffee? (I assume not, if in NYC?) I've played with the idea of trying some backyard DIY with a . . . popcorn machine . . . or something, I hear it gets awfully smoky.
I don't think you'd lose time. You just need to adjust your routine.

First, the VM container is capable of holding hot fluids - they tell you how to make hot soups in it after all. So putting hot soup into it to cream is not an issue. It also has steam escape holes in the cover just for that.

Second, adjust your routine: instead of cooking the soup all the way, cook it half time. Let it cool a little if you want by turning the heat off and stir slowly for about 60 seconds - that will reduce the temp to about 180F. Transfer to the VM container and cream it for 30-60 seconds (it's already soft, so it goes quickly). If you want to eat it quickly, pour back to the pot and keep cooking it. What happens now is that the cooking will be faster because the potatoes or whatever chunks of veggies is reduced to small particles and they will cook fast. No need for the longer time for the heat to reach the middle of the potatoes to cook it. So the end result will be faster. In about a minute or two after boiling you'll have a piping hot soup ready to eat. Second option (I did it) pour most of the mix back but leave one serving size in the VM and continue to blend on high. It will "cook" the soup there quickly and in about a minute it's ready to eat. In other words, you let the VM finish the cooking of the small portion of the soup that you want to eat right now.

Don't forget that the time spent in the VM at high speed is not time wasted because the soup continues to be cooked by the speed of the VM..!

Coffee... No I don't roast. I buy from one of these famous, top, micro lots, specialty coffee roasters and I get it here 2 days after roasting. You can roast in a popcorn machine! You know that already if you're talking about popcorn roasting. You can do some 60-100 grams in one batch, right? Try it. I don't think it will smoke too much. Don't do a dark roast. Do a medium roast. Better flavors and less smoke. Look at for high quality green coffee at really good prices. They also have tutorial videos.
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