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I have a T2i that I took with me to Alaska, it was great. It took me a couple of months to get back up to speed, since my last SLR was film, but it was worth it.

As a camera, it is very fast, very flexible, and easy to use. It takes great pictures if you go off of the programmed modes, and make the decisions yourself regards to aperture or shutter priority, and keep your white balance right, and pick the appropriate ISO.

It takes about 4 shots per second in hold-down mode, and with a fast card, I have hit about 20 shots in a row (calving glacier), without running into to buffer slowdown.

Whether your older lenses will fit, well, IDK.

Too, I upped the kit lens to an 18-135 (~28-126 film equivalency) to not have to change lenses so often.

Here is a link with recent photos.

The very-rectangle shot is a photo taken off of a video, shot by the T2i. There are a couple of pictures in there taken with other cameras, and I think you can see which are which, on the side of the screen.

535i, Monaco, Cream, Light Poplar, Comfort Seats, PP, Nav, ED.

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