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Partial success on my first programming attempt! Cable finally came from Hong Kong (was stuck in US Customs for over a week) but it appears to be well-made, works just fine, and only cost $29.

Since I'm taking the car to the dealership this week for its annual maintenance and possibly some software updates (hesitation issue, slight pull to right, etc.) I didn't want to go nuts today given that I've read that software updates by the dealer will wipe out my altered settings. So I'll do more next weekend, after I get the car back.

What I did do successfully was program it in module CAS so the key fob will allow me to close the windows & moon roof -- functionality, I might add, that my 2007 328xi had standard. Interestingly, it doesn't seem to fold my mirrors, though. Now I did not notice that I should have also changed the related item in the FRM module, so maybe that's why the mirrors didn't fold ... just a guess .. and something I can honestly live without, anyway. I rarely fold them in except when parked long term at the airport, anyway. I also changed the TPMS settings in the HU_CIC module, though it did not add tire pressure and temperature to my display. Big disappointment, as that was the one change I really wanted ... and I'm pretty sure I have the TPMS since I have metal valve stems, not rubber. Oh well, maybe someone can figure that out since the "cheat sheet" says that change works for some people but obviously not all. Darn. Finally, I also changed the Speed Limit Info settings in HU_CIC but didn't change the related setting in KOMBI, so that's not working yet (and I have the rear-view mirror cam, as I have Lane Departure and Automatic High Beams) but should be when I fix that.

Two questions from today's experience, though. I ran the batch file that is posted elsewhere on this site to back up my CAF files after reading them in E-sys. After I was done making my changes above, I went to look for the original files, and though I found a folder My_CAF_Files with a sub-folder date & time-stamped properly, that folder was empty. What might have gone wrong? I'm not too upset that I don't now have an original unaltered set of files, but I'd like to make sure it works going forward. Second question is that I didn't even see the HKFM module so I could code the inside button and key fob to close the trunk when pressed. Is that because I only had the v45.1 psdzdata files to work with? Should that module appear if I upgrade to the v46.6 files I see on here now?

Anyway,. I wanted to share my experience today so that other newbies might not feel so intimidated by the process of programming the car. It's really not too bad if you follow the step-by-step instructions given in the Getting Started document. Really!

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