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Originally Posted by doru View Post
Not on the v8
Wow. I never realized the CCV works that differently on the V8 than on the I6 (I did know the V8 had a separate separator).

So that we don't waste this nice research, I'll add it to the CCV testing thread:
- How to test the crankcase ventilation (aka CCV, CVV, PCV, CPV, & OSV) pressure regulating valve system (1)

In addition, there are some GREAT PICTURES in this thread for how to more gracefully remove the connections for the dipstick:
-> E39 (1997 - 2003) > How do diagnose a sudden and disturbingly unsettling cold-engine misfire (vanos?)

Originally Posted by mjbennett9 View Post
Help-at point of no return. Cut hose to dipstick :-) I'm actually flying along and doing great! However, there appears to be a non-OEM electrical connection that doesn't have the spring clip? I can't figure out how to get it off. I got all the other ones off no problem (other than someone going crazy with zip ties in crazy places to reach). I'm ready to remove throttle bottle. but electrical box is in the way. I could probably do it with it like it is but it will be a royal pain. as an FYI, I haven't found any of that mayo yet. dipstick looks clean. Did notice that there was no dipstick gasket in place. Dipstick came out no problem and no mess at all.

The problem with the connector is that it looks like either the smaller end could come out of the bigger plastic piece, or the whole things comes out. The plastic clips are very rigid and can't tell if the push in, or you have to open them outwards. Either way is very very hard as the plastic is very hard. Once I get this connect off, I'll be flying along again. Notice the yellow circle with the normal metal clip. All the others have that and came right off. Do I remove piece in the red circle from teh piece in the blue circle? or remove the blue circle (which takes the red one with it)? and how hard/far to I squeeze or open that connector? I've tried but no luck either way. But also not sure which piece(s) come out.

Another note. While I cleaned the MAF a month ago, I did not inspect it well enough. there are major cracks in the both boots. Guess it's always good to replace if old, or you do not know the vehicle history. CCV hoses look better than boots. CCV so far looks good from outside. Will check for mayo as I get more things out--once I get this flipping connector off. :-)
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