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Also just a general heads up for those of you coding based on the F10 v3.0 cheat sheet located elsewhere in the forum, it is generally a good guide to follow and has relevant data for our cars. Toggles between "aktiv" and "nicht_activ" will auto-populate the correct "Werte" value in most cases. In one case though I found that the "Werte" values listed in the F10 cheat sheet were not correct for our cars. Fortunately the software defaulted to the correct values and when I tried to manually change the "Werte" value, upon saving it the car just rejected it anyway and reset the value back from "activ" to "nicht_activ", which of course meant that I could not get the darn thing to work for the longest time until I realized what was happening.

In the specific case I ran across, when I attempted to code Comfort Access and the Key Fob closing the windows / sunroof / mirrors, the values in the cheat sheet were not right. Using the following:

Step 1:

Module: FRM
Section: 3020
New Value: aktiv / Werte=01
Default Value: nicht_aktiv / Werte=00

Step 2:

Module: CAS
Section: 3003 FH MASTER
New Value: aktiv / Werte=00 (when I loaded these values in the car, the Werte values were opposite what it stated in the cheat sheet. The cheat sheet shows aktiv / Werte 01. My car defaulted to aktiv / Werte 00. If that's the case for you, leave the Werte values alone (don't modify them) and just ensure "aktiv" is set. If you modify the "Werte" value to 01 and save it to the car, it will wind up saving as "nicht_aktiv, Werte 01", which will effectively just re-disable the feature, meaning when you go to test it, it won't work.)
Default Value: nicht_aktiv / Werte=01

Step 3:

Module: CAS
Section: 3003 FH MASTER
New Value: aktiv / Werte=00
Default value: nicht_aktiv / Werte=01

Every other cheat sheet value I tried had the Aktiv / Werte01 and nicht_aktiv / Werte 00 correlation correct except these settings. Hopefully this will save you the hour of frustration it caused me.

- T

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