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Possible SMG Hydraulic Clutch fluid leak - any tips?

Hello, everyone.

I am new to the BMW world and I just bought a 2004 BMW M3 this past July 21st. I have enjoyed every single moment of it; it's simply one of my favorite cars of all time. There is one potential issue that has cropped up and I was wondering if anyone had any input. During the last inspection I noticed the clutch fluid was a little low: about 1/4 what it should be. The car was purchased from a reputable dealer, however, I failed to check the clutch fluid level upon initial inspection (complete oversight on my part) so I have no baseline to compare it to. According to the dealer records (which I have), ALL fluid levels checked out fine as of May 15th (2 months before I purchased it). Once again, though, I can't personally confirm this...

It's been about a week since I noticed it and have checked it again and it doesn't seem to have gone down at all. I know the fluid level can deviate by about half an inch when the SMG system is primed, so I took this into account. I have not experienced any issues whatsoever with my transmission (slipping, cant change gears, stuck in gear, etc.) except MAYBE an odd noise a couple weeks again (sounded like a slight whining/buzzing). Hasn't occurred since and I couldn't tell where it was coming from. I've never noticed any fluid on the ground, especially not the green liquid of the clutch fluid. I have a powertrain warranty on my vehicle, but I doubt the dealer will cover a small leak. Regardless I am going to contact them tomorrow to make them aware.

Anyone have any advice on what course of action I should take? I have clutch fluid on the way (should be here within a couple days) but would like input on where to check for leaks and whatnot. Thanks!
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