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Mein Auto: 335 vert/14JGC/ 17Outback
5 years 5 months 335i with 54,000 miles.
Costs outside of 4/50 warranty are oil changes I did (7L Castrol Synthetic plus filter), new set of Michelin Pilot Sports A/S, Cool Carbon not because the OEMs were shot but because I wanted to reduce or eliminate the brake dust.
Estimate oil changes to be around $42 each and I do those at someplace between 8-10K miles (Blackstone report added $20 to this and confirms life left in the oil) and have done a total of 4 so $168 bucks
Cool Carbons BavAuto had a good deal on a set for $180.00
Michelins were $600 because they had a rebate
Plugs at $60 and transmission change and diff change another $140
Lift time and mounting and balance add another $ 40.00
Misc cleaning and lube supplies add another $40
Total approximately $1228 for 5 1/2 years.
Future I expect to maintain the same oil, transmission, diff change interval
Replace rotors when needed and struts and shocks the same.

I seem to be pretty easy on brakes and struts, shocks since my M3 which I have owned since I bought it from the dealer is still on the OEM brakes and struts and shocks and they are still fine at 88K miles.

I guess a lot has to do with where you live and how hard you drive your ride...

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