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Vacuum Leak

How many vacuum lines are there in the 330i? SA said there is a vacuum leak and wants $150 to do a smoke test to locate the leak. Most likely, the leak is from an oxidized hose. After all, the car will be 12 years old in October. Well, if there are only a few lines, I rather pay the dealer to replace all of them instead trying to find the leak for $150. If I understand correctly, vacuum only occurs during acceleration when the engine draws extra air in the cylinder? I have not noticed any degradation in mpg. Got 29.7 mpg (OBC) during a recent 4700 mile trip, at some point I was going 125mph (GPS). I can't get the TX inspection clearance unless the leak is fixed, otherwise, I just won't get the TX inspection. F-them. Oh, in Texsuck, the registration and the inspection are two separate entity. You can get the car registered (who doesn't want money) without the inspection sticker (more money). Like everything else, I'm safe until a cop stops me. Life is full of gambles, sometimes I lose but most of the time I win.
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