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Originally Posted by voip-ninja View Post

My CA also gave me a useful tip which was when you get into the car and it is extremely hot, just hit the Max AC button and give it a couple of minutes to vent all of the hot air from the cabin, and then you can go back into regular auto mode.

All you need to do is set the temperature to 68 degrees and put the intensity to the middle. When you first get in the car, tap the MAX button for a few minutes. When the car is at a comfortable temperature, hit the AUTO button. I spend the entire summer with these settings, the only buttons to ever press are MAX and AUTO. No need to turn any dials, no need to manually touch the intensity, no need to hit recirculation, etc.

If 68 degrees and middle intensity don't work for you, pick any temperature and fan intensity you want, but remember to just toggle between MAX and AUTO, no need to do any work.

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