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2005 X3 Rear Window

I successfully replaced the the drive dog but the window doesn't stop when it gets to the top. It returns down several inches then stops. I tried using the switch to manually raise and lower it but that is not working to reset the thresholds. Any suggestions? In the instructions I followed it said to remove the motor assembly by removing the 3 bolts to gain access to the plastic block. Whin I did this the front half of the motor only came off and the cable came off the spool. I had to rewind and re-install the spool which was a bitch. Removing the motor was not necessary. Hopefully this has not caused the window stopping problem. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Originally Posted by bluskye View Post
I did
my friends 2004 X3 window regulator repair for both rear windows (only one was broken, but I dont want to do it again, so do both at once). Simply replaced the drive dog, instead
of the entire window regulator module. $100 for two drive dogs, and $30 for two vapor barriers. First one was a pain and took long until i realized you should move the drive dog up and down to easily remove the window and the dog itself from the rail. 2nd window took about 20min. A note, replacing just the dog itself is faster then the entire regulator module, and also cheaper =)

My vapor barriers are on order. I decided not to risk my friend complaining of water leaks and simply ripped off the old barriers. It took quite a while to remove the barriers from the gooey stuff. I have Permatex silicon adhesive/sealant purchased at local pepboys to reseal the barriers. The gooey stuff has dirt indicating where the water would tend to flow, so this should make identifying where to ensure I reseal correctly. The old gooey stuff is still on there, so that should provide something to hold the barriers as the seal I apply cures.

The windows require manually going all the way and all the way down to re-learn the thresholds for auto up/down functionality. I was confused at first, but figured it out.

Drive Dogs are :
Items 51333448643 and 51353448645
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