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Any Mini "Super Star" Sales Advisors Out There?

You Jon Schaeffer, Greg Poland, Adrian Avila, Irv Robinson et al (my apologies to any I have omitted) who have all earned stellar reputations with BMW posters and clients?

I'm in the San Diego area, but can travel within CA.

What is a reasonable and fair mark-up over invoice for a 2013 Cooper S hatchback? In other words, a balance between a price that is good for the purchaser without gouging the sales associate?

I can wait, as in to end of the year, quarter, etc. I typically configure my cars, but am not necessarily wedded to that practice.

I really want to avoid any hassle, if at all possible, or as much as possible. The above names have all been touted as "no nonsense" individuals who seem to be able to construct a seamless, no agony purchase experience with BMWs.

So...any suggestions for Mini counterparts?



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