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-yes, i understand i'm going to be "wrenching". i'm 19, its my first car, and i LOVE it.. just looking for tips on how to fix a few things. i'm not touching anything that would be my mechanic's fault. if a ****ing belt fell off right after he worked on it HE will put it back on. i'm not trying to void my warranty on the engine that has had a PROPER diagnostics test and is fine. it's just something small and i was posting everything that i have gone through with this car thus far. thanks but i don't want your input FPORRO unless it's positive and constructive.

-it's idling and driving rough.. idle fluxuates when in park and in drive when stopped.. i've already replaced the IAC valve
-thanks! i appreciate you helping with positive feedback not giving me ****. i am beginning to think it does have something to do electrically..

-- transmission started leaking again a few weeks ago.. my mechanic replaced the rear seal again and it's driving better..still very rough more leaks so far. he also hooked it up to a computer and didn't receive any codes.. also lifters have gotten very noisy..

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