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Originally Posted by Ilovemycar View Post
Hey MatWiz, I watched a couple of the roasting vids over the weekend. I think the popcorn maker is not worth the hassle, as the batches are so small, and I dunno, slowly melting a big plastic piece right over my coffee . . . well, I then watched the vid on their entry level home roaster ($300?), and see that it just goes up from there. I like that you can make a pound at a time, that is has an after-burner to get rid of excess smoke, etc, but I really wonder what makes the other ones more expensive at this point. I've got to look into pricing for raw beans to see how long it would take to make the money spent back again. I've even been thinking of starting a new thread, mainly to pick your brain, but thought I should run a search for any existing thread, just haven't got around to it yet. We'll see, maybe at some point.
Start a thread, I can copy the coffee related posts to your new thread later on.

"I like that you can make a pound at a time, ..."

That means that you can also ruin a whole one pound at a time... .. Got to be careful with making one pound at a time.

One pound is a lot. You should consider that coffee goes stale about 2 weeks after roasting and maybe want to roast enough for 2 weeks at a time. So that you don't need to freeze. But of course you can freeze.

What kind of coffee you make? That will tell you how much you need to roast.

Which roaster are you looking at?
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