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Originally Posted by tamir15 View Post
Thanks Paper
the volume line does not pop up when i presss the aux 2 times or a few times. it stays white which tells me the ASK is not switching to aux.

the plug that is in the aux spot goes back to the same thick cable that comes from the other ASK plug (the main plug). they combine into one thick wrap which tells me it was done in the factory? but how can that be?
i checked the center console and the glove box but no aux plug. my car is 01/06 E65 so i dont think the aux was availble from the factory on that model

how do i change the mmi back to factory settings? the only thing i changed in it (other than the aux parameter) is the legal disclaimer time out.

i saw posts of people that enabled the aux on pre facelift ASK so it should work on mine as well (post facelift)
I don't remember if it was in your PM or another post you made , But
you stated you did some coding in your MMI . I think you might have
changed some settings in there by accident , Maybe you put a blank space
someplace & didn't notice it . Or maybe you did something else when you coded
that affects the things on your ASK Unit that are not working . 1 wrong
thing you might have accidentally done could be affecting the Aux volume
& the mode button you claimed stopped working , along with your other
issue's .

Well I would unwrap the plug & try to follow it , But it's your car & that
would be your decision to make . How many wires are on the plug that
was in the Aux spot ??? could you maybe take some pic's with your phone
& post them up so I can see the plug your talking about ???

As for resetting your MMI back to factory . You will have to use NCS
again , but this time use expert mode to read & then code the MMI

as for Pre-facelift Ask unit working with Aux (almost 110% positive it's not possible )
what you saw is an Ask unit that they changed the front face of
( basically they changed the front from a facelift front to a
pre-facelift front on the Ask unit )

I did this for some 1 that did not want to spend the money on
the wood trim needed for the FaceLift Ask unit ,
I also changed the A/C control front cause he didn't want to
buy the newer FaceLift key or CD plastic section .

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