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Originally Posted by Dork Knight View Post
I have the same issue and I, too, don't have comfort access. Therefore, my batteries charge with driving and should both be charged by now. Range is awful...20-30 feet max.

I, too, had my windows tinted but I'm having a hard time buying into the claim of tint messing with it since I most often approach the car facing the antenna (or so I assume I am), and the range was never stellar prior to the tint. With the tint being on the inside of the window (i.e. antenna more outboard of the layers) I don't know why/how tint is a factor.
If the antenna for the key FOB is in the shark fin, the tint shouldn't matter. If it is built into the glass of the rear window, the tint can affect it. (maybe you guys know where the antenna is, but I don't)

Go to this page:

and search for "tint". Of course the above site is only relevant if the antenna is an on-glass type and is on a window containing tint.

The tint doesn't block the signals, it de-tunes the antenna. Ever try to tune an old TV or radio and when you get close to the device, the signal comes in great but when you move away, the signal fades out? Your body (mostly water and some salts) is changing the electrical properties of the antenna and receiver circuit, causing the device's receiver to be tuned to a different frequency when you are close, and once you move away, this frequency changes.

That being said, over time batteries degrade and eventually don't hold the charge they are designed for. Old cell phones are a good example. They get about a year of so old, and don't hold the same charge they used to. The same is true of the battery in the key FOB. Eventually the battery will degrade, and not as much energy can be delivered to the FOB circuity, causing a reduced output signal strength, limiting range. This is true only of rechargeable batteries, but...

I just popped the battery door off of my FOB and noticed the battery was a CR2025 size 3V watch battery. To the best of my knowledge, these are primary lithium cells which CANNOT be recharged. I was also told by the sales man that putting the FOB in the slot should recharge the battery. I really can't see how that is the case. There are some rechargeable batteries in a CR2025 case, but the one I have is definitely not one of those.

Bottom line: Pop the battery cover off your FOB. Check the battery. If it does not specifically say it can be recharged, or if it does not say "Lithium Ion", then get a new CR2025 battery and try that.
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