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Have no exp with that are mixed. And, dunno what lens they are pairing in that pkg you quoted. Most Rebel EOS T2i deals on the web, from reliable sellers are ~$600 with a Canon EF-S 18-55 lens. That lens is 'kit lens' for many of Canon's consumer oriented cams, and is 'decent' by most accounts/reviews. It may not have the 'reach' your wife may want for medium tele, like a 17-85 or longer zoom range on some lenses.

Shopping for lenses, separate or as part of a pkg will drive you crazy, esp for the newer cam buyer, imo.

Canon, Nikon, Sony, et al, all put out some remarkable products these days, esp aimed at the 'step up/step into' DSLR stage of photography. I am partial to Canon, but they are all good.

If it were me, I would shop in that ~$600-$700 range, and the T2i and it's equivalents are all good entry level cams. If your CEO is as enthused/good as you suggest, she will not be disappointed, and can always 'step up' down the road, esp lens-wise. But, that T2i body will do about anything she requires; it just isn't as rugged/hardcore as the $1000/$2000 bodies are.

That gift should delight any enthused, beginning/better than novice DSLR recipient, imo.

Agree with shop the real joints that were mentioned, and resist the 'add on' crap they will all try to sell you...maybe a high quality Skylight 1A or Haze filter just to protect the lens, but that can be bought after the fact, and good glass is good glass and filters, even HQ level, are always suspect, imo.

You might upsize the SDHC memory card; dunno what size mem comes with any deal you are looking at, but 16 Gig is decent, 32 is more pics than one can take in days unless one is shooting RAW. Brands of memory cards don't matter, in my experience..
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