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Originally Posted by beewang View Post

Griffoun, if your emphisis is childrens programming, then you want Netflix (if you must pick one) but seriouly.. for $14~$15 bucks a month, I take them both. Netflix is easy tp watch when I am on the go via tablet, computer or phone.

If there is a movie I really want to watch (only happened 2 times in the last 1.5 years) I'd pick'em up at RedBox.
Agree with you here after some more research, most of the Disney's material isn't available either on AMZN nor NFLX, but NFLX does have what most libraries already have.

Originally Posted by Ilovemycar View Post
If you're just wondering about how difficult it's going to be to fish wire from up there, and that you don't have any conduit already in the walls, etc, maybe just try an antenna from down there?
I currently have a DISH Duo ViP® 222k. The signal goes to the receiver which is in the basement, and my TV there gets the HD; then another connection goes to the first floor which doesn't have HD but able to access all channels. I also checked the splitter in the basement and saw the DISH installation guy bridging some existing cables together... what's more, I can get pretty good OTA signal on first floor where the TV is located, so I think my setup could happen without fishing, it's really to figure out which cable goes where and how to test the signal. Any suggestion?

Originally Posted by The_Raven View Post
Netflix, Hulu and Bunny Ears here.

If Amazon gets better, I may cancel one of them and sign up. But for now, Amazon is meh. Agreed with Bee on the user interface.
I thought AMZN's EPIX deal would tip the scale in favor of AMZN, guess still not good enough?
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