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Originally Posted by Coconutpete View Post
Which window is the antenna in? The windows are tinted, but obviously the windshield is not and the range is still crappy when I approach the vehicle from the front.
AFAIK it's on the backlight. I never inquired specifically but given that (1) useful range is dramatically greater approaching from the rear of the vehicle and (2) there are at least two or three separate sets of antenna traces on the glass, it seems likely.

I think the most probable culprits have been identified: The tint and/or a weak antenna amplifier. Are you still under warranty? The nuisance risk here is they may blame the tint and refuse to diagnose or replace the car's receiver until the tint is removed.

Originally Posted by Coconutpete
Originally Posted by CT
Open your mouth slightly, face your vehicle, point the key fob at your skull from beneath your chin, click button, enjoy double / triple range.
Did you read my original post? It still sucks even when I do that.
Incidentally, it's not necessary to approach your car looking like a dork and pretending your head is a cavity resonator (which, at the frequencies involved, it ain't). What matters is simply elevating the transmitter, sending to the antenna a clear, line-of-sight signal free of ground reflections. Your skull doesn't need to get involved; raising the fob shoulder- to head-high does the trick.
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