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Originally Posted by Griffoun View Post
I currently have a DISH Duo ViP® 222k. The signal goes to the receiver which is in the basement, and my TV there gets the HD; then another connection goes to the first floor which doesn't have HD but able to access all channels. I also checked the splitter in the basement and saw the DISH installation guy bridging some existing cables together... what's more, I can get pretty good OTA signal on first floor where the TV is located, so I think my setup could happen without fishing, it's really to figure out which cable goes where and how to test the signal. Any suggestion?
I'm so not the guy to ask, I'm sorry. I've never had sat, and I really don't know what's going on over there for wire mgmt, not that it matters. Locate the OTA feed, use a splitter, run secondary OTA feed? I'm just blurting out loud, please don't mind me. Maybe you're saying you don't know which feed is the OTA feed, but can't you trace it back from the TV, visually or otherwise? I should already have shut up, and I expect to be less available on these boards for the next week or so (not that it matters).

Maybe use a cable tester? I'd get feedback from those with more experience with your situation before spending on anything. My related experience is limited to one single experience with a multimeter, I think I was testing a passive xover during a speaker repair, and nothing else, never once on a car, etc.

Originally Posted by MatWiz View Post
Good information here. Thanks. I'll keep it for future use.
You're welcome. Not that I wasn't already steering you away from my choice, but I forgot to mention you can have at least three quick-access favorite lists (don't remember if there is an ability to name these), and I don't know of a limit of channels per list (my first has a nice handful). The programming info isn't available like a "guide" as it of course would be with sat/cable. It shows only on the tuned channel, and IIRC, only for the present half hour block, and the next. A trait this is unique to this device out of my few sources is the option for instant subtitling when hitting mute (if subtitle info is available from the source to begin with).
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