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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
You can't have it both ways, Chris.

You can't say "Leasing cars is foolish, puts suckers into cars they can't afford!"

And then say "I buy the same car and keep it for 10 years so it only costs me $300 a month and I can't afford a BMW monthly lease for that price!"

Don't you see? You've got it backwards. It's the own-and-keep-forever crew that's cheating, that's getting into a $50,000 German luxury car they can't afford. They keep the thing forever, past its shelf life, and say that they're able to "afford" it. It's the leasers that are paying what they can afford per month to always be in new cars who are doing it the right way, getting exactly what they can afford, it's always in style, it's always under warranty.

So, fact is, if you're averaging $300 a month by keeping your BMW forever then, yes, you should be leasing a Honda as you are holding onto a car you can't afford way too long.

What about us frugal guys?

I bought my car 5 years ago. It is all paid off. I will keep it till it is no longer cost effective to keep it running, just as I did with all of my other cars.

In the 4 years it took to pay off the car, I spent more per year on trips and vacations. It is just a matter of setting your own priorities.

I fall in love with my cars and never want to get rid of them, and, basically, only do so when they cost more to keep up than they are worth.

In the year my car has been off warranty and maintenance, I have spent less than one month's lease payment on this years maintenance.

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