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Originally Posted by Ilovemycar View Post
I very well might start a thread later in the future. I mean, up to a pound I should say, I do buy in roughly .5 lb amounts, actually maybe a tad more. For a while now, I drink French press exclusively. (I used to have an espresso machine back when, actually I've had two.) On occasion, I make vacuum coffee as well. I watched the vid for the cheapest home roaster I found at SM, the Behmor 1600, but haven't found the time to investigate why the more expensive ones could be worthwhile.

Who knows how many lbs of coffee I could ruin while learning, but like I said before, a home roaster once told me how dirt cheap coffee beans are in bulk, and that I could buy in bulk because of how extremely long they last, so I don't think I'd lose much money in that sense. Of course, I need to confirm these things, which I haven't got around to. I've been buying bulk herbs from the internet too lately, I'm into bulk

Oh, wide mouth jars are on their way.
Savings can be huge. But it depends what you're comparing it to. If you're comparing to a supermarket brand like Eight O'clock beans, they'd cost you about $10/lb. Everything else there is about $2-$3 more, but everything in the supermarket is already stale coffee.

If you buy from a modern coffee shop who serves from top roasters (Specialty Coffee grade) then you'd pay about $20/lb. That is the type of green coffee you'd get from Sweet Maria's and they usually go for about $6/lbs I think. Price varies depending on the origin and the taste, which is set at the coffee buyers' auction.

So if you compare "beans to beans" you'd be saving about $15/lb maybe? At this saving you'd pay for the roaster in 20 lbs! Wow. Never thought of that this way.

Green coffee beans will stay "fresh" for months. I think Sweet Maria's consider 8 months the time when green beans are starting to get old and may lose their original flavors.

French Press... 1:17 ratio of coffee to water by weight. That's 20-21 grams of beans to 12oz (a regular mug) water. 4 minutes brew time. 200*F. Adjust to 1:16 to 1:18 if the coffee is too weak or too strong to your taste.

Originally Posted by ///M3lissa View Post
Wide mouth lids will fit on the 16/32 oz. size. It looks like that's what yours are. Can you almost fit your hand inside one? I can, so I assume if you almost can yours are. The 8oz is not wide mouth. I checked the box and they are called "regular mouth".
I can fit 3 fingers but not all 4. I measured, the "mouth" is 2 3/4 of an inch wide.
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