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Originally Posted by SuperTerp View Post
Agree I'd say if you knew with 100% certainty that financial situations would never change, I'd have a hard time arguing against a lease (other than being restricted to a mile limit), and I actually might start , my problem is I'm young and even with a S* ton of liquidity that doesn't seem to translate to getting good rates on anything
I don't know anything with 100% certainty and doubt anyone does. Hedging your bets so to speak is always a smart move. In my specific situation both my wife and I are "high" earners (well, compared to most people, financial/executive people live on their own planet) at least according to the IRS.... so, the loss of either one of our incomes is not likely to cause anything dramatic to happen.

If I was the sole breadwinner in the family I would likely be more cautious financially with a big ticket purchase...

Naaaaa... I'd get it anyway.
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