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Originally Posted by Griffoun View Post
So let's say the 222 no longer exist and I only have OTA antenna. How would you wire the setup?
I am 100% serious when I say that my OTA antenna is rabbit ears from the good ole days. Nothing powered, no Spaceship Enterprise looking thing, and no cancer creator humming away up in my attic. I get (or I did when I used it, so 'got'.. I guess) signal just fine. If I needed OTA on another TV, I would just throw another $20 coat hanger up and see what that got me.

But that's me. I get (got) acceptable signal for as much TV as I watch. (not a lot)

If I was to do it up right and perm skillz, I would get me one of those gargantuan attic antennas then split the bad boy up. You should be OK with a regular splitter as they usually handle up to ab 900Mhz. The highest OTA channel is like ~804Mhz, so it should work. You may get into trouble with the splitter and need an amp. That takes electrical power. Something to keep in mind.
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