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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
I am 100% serious when I say that my OTA antenna is rabbit ears from the good ole days. Nothing powered, no Spaceship Enterprise looking thing, and no cancer creator humming away up in my attic. I get (or I did when I used it, so 'got'.. I guess) signal just fine. If I needed OTA on another TV, I would just throw another $20 coat hanger up and see what that got me.

But that's me. I get (got) acceptable signal for as much TV as I watch. (not a lot)

If I was to do it up right and perm skillz, I would get me one of those gargantuan attic antennas then split the bad boy up. You should be OK with a regular splitter as they usually handle up to ab 900Mhz. The highest OTA channel is like ~804Mhz, so it should work. You may get into trouble with the splitter and need an amp. That takes electrical power. Something to keep in mind.
I meant to ask how to hook up one OTA (this is the one I have) which is on the first floor, with the TV on the first floor and in basement giving the current wiring situation? Using the same picture you've attached above, take away the 222 receiver and the dish, the rest remain intact.

No doubt about you saying the OTA working just fine because mine also works perfectly even though it's not in the attic.
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