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I was at the Stealer yesterday and just so happened that I caught up with the SA. I asked and he confirmed that the $150 smoke test will be credited towards any repairs.

He also mentioned that the technician who replaced the valve cover gaskets a while ago said I had the cleanest engine (135K miles) he had even seen. What's the secret? Mobil 1 every 5K miles since new. But, I'm getting lazy on the 330i, so it's every 10K miles now. I'm so good at it that I can change the oil and filter in about 15 minutes. And, I can reset OBC in seconds. Thank you all for suggesting leak locations.

Edit: BTW, what kind of gasoline do I use? Some of you will refuse to hear it, but I use the cheapest premium available, even on my 911 Turbo.
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