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Few Questions Before I order the X1

So yea, planning to purchase the X1 XDrive28i. Basically I have a few questions before I jump the gun:

What are the differences between the standard 8-way adjustable front seats and the Power front seats with driver seat memory option? The standard seat is also electronically power right? Do hope the standard seats aren't one of those old school ones that you have to manually slide on a rail to go forward and backward by pulling a lever and you have to pump the lever like an air pump to go up and down.

I'm a bit confused with the roof rails. They do come standard right? I do see options for them. Are those options just the ability to get the rails in different color.

Since I'm an avid cyclist, I do plan on transporting at least two bikes(road bikes, maybe mountain bikes later when I get one) on the roof of the car. What's a good mount/rack for that? Any specific brands/model that are recommended?

Concerning the College Graduate Program, how does it work? Do I have to finance or lease the car from BMW to qualify? Or I can just outright buy the vehicle and still qualify?

How often do you guys bring in the BMW to fix? And at what mileage does failure starts to happen?

Do hope you guys don't mind if you find my questions to be on the dumb side. This will be my first BMW, heck it's going to be my first car. Between all the research I've doing, paperwork, insurance, and etc. Been too much stuff to digest.

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