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I really appreciate everyone's help and input regarding my negotiation process. You all have been very helpful! I was definitely thinking the first offer I received was not very good.

Originally Posted by Me530 View Post
$399 doc fee??!?!?!
Originally Posted by SpaceManGray View Post
Ya, that's pretty high for a doc fee. I mean, doc fees in general are basically a way to pay the back office people, but $399 is high. Most dealers won't give up the doc fee but you can try telling them that you're willing to pay them $200 for docs.
I was thinking that the doc fee was kind of high as well, but I've seen people post on here about having the MACO and $180 service training fee. So I thought maybe the $399 doc fee was standard since I wasn't charged the other two fees. But I will try to get that down to $200 like you suggest.

Originally Posted by link01 View Post
Are you using the car buying service through USAA? Using the car buying service, I was able to get about 2k off in addition to the 1250 off my X3.
It's just an extra $1,250 incentive for being a USAA member. I'm not using the actual car buying service through USAA because I was hoping/thinking I could get more than the $2,000 off.

Originally Posted by link01 View Post
the loyalty cash is if you finance with BMWFS. The 1250 USAA is if you finance through USAA. I don't think you can/want to do both? The BMWCCA 500 has a lot of fine print that it can't be combined with other incentives so I don't know how much flex you get with that.
Initially, I thought I would have to finance through USAA as well to get the $1,250 or have my car insurance through them. But both dealers I've visited said I qualify for the discount just for being a member. All I had to do was show my membership card and that was it. I'm going to finance through a different bank.

Again, thank you all for the help and definitely wouldn't mind if others had some suggestions for me too. I'm going back to a different dealership tomorrow and see what I can do with them. I'll get back on here with those results.

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