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Originally Posted by DallasBimmer View Post
That's your opinion. Everyone's entitled to theirs. In my experience with Top Tier gas, I have yet to experience fuel system related failures after having used Shell gas in all my cars. Just step over to other Luxury car forums and read what the majority of people say about quality gas VS. Wal-Mart, etc.
Im all over the luxury car forums.........What i offer is not an opinion, its fact.
Whatever you are using has nothing to do with the fact thats it shell.
The only difference is the detergents (additives) used at the refinery. Walmart (aka Murphy Oil USA) I dont know what Murphy Oil treats their fuel with what detergents. Its pure coincidence that people have had bad experiences with a certain brand.
You can get bad gas anywhere, anytime, anyplace. And it all depends on where that gas station buys their fuel from. That fuel could be sold to anyplace.

Im not saying go buy Walmart gas, im trying to put a end to the myth that a certain brand is better than the other.
I fill up my AMG at Racetrac and I assure I have a healthy car. I dyno it at least twice a year and my numbers are always at +500rwhp and +580RWTQ. Just to be safe i either fill up at Chevron or use the blue bottle of techron once every three months.

Check this out
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