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I hunted for orion silver with white/beige interior, as on a personal taste basis, I think it is a brilliant combination, having said this I went looking for a white interior and the only colour available at the time was Black Sapphire, (which is a dime a dozen colour as there is a vast number BMWs are on the road here in the UK!!) Having said this polished there is no better colour than black sapphire sadly it lasts 10 secs before the car gets dirty and it shows everything AAAAAAAAAAAArgh! but I still like her !!!!
But the white interior always makes me smile when I get in, and once in you can't see the outside.......
Funny story I went to a motoring event (goodwood festival) parked in a car park which was a field, looked at all the location markers for my return! When returning to my car the field now had thousands of cars parked and a lot of the location markers had been knocked over etc...... 2 hrs later having walked for miles up and down the lanes (blazing sunshine) looking for my car I realised how many black, kidney grilled BMW cars there are, all of them not mine!!! and then the Z4 being so low could not see it even tried raising the roof to find it!!!! to no avail....... save to say I did find it but what a lesson in colours and BMW I had !!!!!!!! BLack aaargh

Always said I would go back to a 6 series

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