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Originally Posted by DragonBMW2012 View Post
I'm about to finalize my deal on my new 2013 X1 and the dealer has thrown several additional items in play that I can purchase. Most of them are overpriced and not worth it, so I have dismissed them BMW Tire & Wheel Replacement.

The cost is $1,149 (which I would spread over the life of the loan) and the coverage lasts for 60 months. The brochure states: "It replaces tires and/or wheels due to damage from road hazards."

Ok - we're getting RFTs on these X1s, so I'm told, and they're expensive to replace - not to mention the rims if there is damage from the potholes or whatever. And I'm told BMWs have soft rims anyway. I'm leaning towards getting this coverage.

Two concerns:

(1) Any standard wear tire replacement would be at the judgment call of the dealer (such as if you are ready for new tires at the end of the 60 months and they decide you aren't - an argument ensues.

(2) If I don't go with the coverage and a tire and/or rim gets damaged then these RFTs are expensive to replace. Two or three tires damaged in that 5 year span and I have probably covered the cost of the coverage.

Thoughts and reactions? Anyone go with this coverage or decline it and can you tell me why?

For $1150, I would say absolutely not in most situations since you have to remember you are paying interest and perhaps tax on that amount as well.

If you buy from tirerack or even a good deal from a dealer and you buy 17" or 18" RFT, you probably won't spend much above $200 to $240 per tire including shipping and installation at a reasonably priced shop.

The worst case realistic -- but still rather unlikely -- situation is you probably blow out two wheels/tires that can't be repaired and even in that case if you are willing to buy lightly/moderately used replacement wheels off of Ebay, Craigslist etc,
you will end up spending a little less then $1150. A lot of enthusiasts don't like stock wheels so they sell them for relatively cheap 1-12 months after they buy the car.

In addition, if you have additional space in a garage, cellar etc., you could always buy a spare wheel or two if you see someone selling them since they want to replace them. This way if you end up not needing the spare wheel(s) 6 or 7 years down the line when it may be time to sell the car, you can also get most of your money back.

At a much lower price then $1150 if you aren't that careful of a driver and the roads are truly horrific were you live with lots of potholes and nails, I could see the coverage making some sense if you got truly expensive wheels
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