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Well, I tried the claw tool and had a hold on the copper tube twice but since it's laying horizontal and I'm probably grabbing it in the middle, I can't fish it out of the very narrow space that is available. There is a float that has an indicator stick for showing the level of fluid in the reservoir that is in the way (the copper tube is under the float). I would have a much better chance if the float wasn't in the way. Is there any way to remove the float? If not, my choices are to leave it where it is or remove the reservoir. How hard is it to remove the reservoir? It seems to be attached by 2 mounting screws to the frame and has two hoses connected near the top and bottom. As with any repair, I'm concerned about breaking something on the reservoir that would render the car undriveable and cost me a whole bunch of $$ to repair. I really don't think the tube would be able to migrate anywhere outside the reservoir.

BTW - good idea on using a magnet but copper isn't magnetic unfortunately

Thoughts anyone?
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