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sDrive M-sport, no paddle shifters or power seats

Picked up our new 28s with M-sport in Mineral Grey Metallic.

First impressions:

1. Looks: Car looks awesome, I'll post some pics shortly. The front M-sport fascia really makes a huge difference, and even though the grey is a neutral color, I think it looks really nice.

2. Driving: the mapping of the transmission is REALLY slow off the line, but then the turbo spools up and the thing FLIES. I actually said "WOW" when it took off on an on-ramp. Imagine that a chipped remap would do wonders... this engine is AWESOME. Handing with the M-sport and 18" wheels is superb, but may be too rough for some during normal driving. I'll report back with more impressions after a week or so. But overall, we are super happy with the engine and performance. At idle it sounds kind of like a diesel engine, strange. But I like it, it sounds very Euro, and when you shift into sport mode (DS) or manual and give it some gas it has a very nice tone. Definitely a 4-cylinder tone, but aggressive enough )like a WRX boxer engine) to let people know you mean business.

3. Roof racks. We bought the factory racks, I'll have some pics soon, but bottom line, they are hard to fit, are sharp (I cut myself on the aluminum) and are chunky (look big on the car). But I like them.

4. Looks and Driving: again the car looks awesome, we are very happy with our choices, and I realllllly want to take it to a track and see how it does on the fly.

5. Disappointments: so even though the M-sport package advertises "driver's side memory front seats," which made me assume that included power seats (at least for the driver), unless you opt for the premium package, that means nothing. Our car has M-sport seats, but that are manually adjusted. ALSO, even though on our build sheet online it states "M-sport steering wheel with paddle shifters" ours doesn't have then. Not a huge deal since we weren't totally in love with them, but still... if you were expecting them because you ordered the M-sport package, no dice.

OVERALL: this car is awesome, BLOWS THE DOORS off of the Audi A4 avant and A3 which we had basically wanted until we heard about the X1 (and pretty much our budget), with much better styling, interior quality and drivability. We are overall VERY VERY happy with the car.


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