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Originally Posted by Ixieboy View Post
lighter as in weight. i want to be able to have front and back seats, but not the heavy ass horse hair and leather ones. something cloth and cheap preferably.

With the back seat, I would guess no, they only weigh around 25lbs each. (I have shipped a few) With the front seats there other seats that you can put in, but you might have to fabricate seat spacers so that you can bolt them into the bolt holes.

well, honestly, both. i wanna delete the clutch fan and my ac/heater thing is out. the whole panel is gone. the sunroof went at the same time because they are on the same fuses. looks like the panel below them was a little melty, but no major damage. should i just check it or replace it regardless?

Why do you want to delete the fan clutch? Unless you are putting an electric one on. The engine needs this fan to help it keep cool. The ac is a different fan from the heater. I am assuming that when you say the panel is melted you are talking about the fuse box. What is happening is the old secondary fan in front of the radiator is not turning as well as it should so it is drawing more juice so it is melting the fuse box. You need to take the secondary fan off and take off the fan. Remember the nut is reverse threaded so when you tighten you are loosenng, then lube it up with a good grease. (not wd-40)

i have a cheap cone filter on, is that worse than factory? i havent noticed a power boost, but the engine does run cooler with it.

It is worse then factory, it is infact drawing warm air from the engine bay, the factory one draws better.

well, the speedo is more intermittent than gone. when the heater worked or on a sunny day when the dash warmed up it starts working, on sharp bumps it kicks on for a few seconds.

This is your instrument cluster slowly dieing.

is there a way that i can test the power antenna? also, is it wired to go up when the car is on or is there some button i am missing?
It should go up when you turn the radio on. with another person turn on the radio and have a person listen to see if they hear the motor turning. It might just need a new mast. The masts have a bad habit of getting stuck. If that is it you need a new mast. You have to remove the old one before buying a new one because there are 2 different kinds of masts. One has teeth and the other is smooth. You remove it by undoing the 10 mm bolt that is holding the mast in. Then tunr on the radio and pull up on the antennae mast at the same time. This should get it out. You put the mast in in reverse of taking it out.

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