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Originally Posted by sibob View Post
hey shawn,
thanks... i tried what you advised me to do i coded the following sa to my car: 614,615,6AB,6AL and finally replaced 633 with 644. all seems good now. i have the ability to get data via bluetooth phone. but i still have a problem coding the vin to cmb_media.

if i use a vin thats not my own, i always get a error (negative response, request out of range) and after i read out the cmb_media it shows a vin thats like "yyyyyyy". i guess there is a problem with the signature and thats why the device declines to write the vin. any idea on this?

You should only get the error (negative response, request out of range) if you have NOT already coded TELEMATIK_VIN = Coding_VIN. If you code that first, it should take the new VIN. Also, when you are coding the new VIN, you should FDL Code it, not VO Code it, as if you VO Code it, it will revert to TELEMATIK_VIN = MOST_VIN, defeating it. First code TELEMATIK_VIN = Coding_VIN with real FA, the come back with FAKE VIN FA, and FDL Code CMB_MEDIA.

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